DBR Projects merged with Redback Alarm & Security Services in 2016.

Who is DBR Projects?

Established in 2013, DBR Projects has quickly developed a diverse portfolio of projects ranging from small residential extensions and new architectural homes to medium sized commercial constructions and refurbishments. 

Our dedicated and highly motivated team led by the two principal founding partners provides clients with a flexible and varied choice of procurement and management options to bring their project to a successful completion.

DBR prides itself with being able to provide “value for money” on all of our services along with creating strong lasting relationships with all our clients. From conception to completion, we are here to help.

What has happened to Redback Alarm & Security Services?

Since the merger Redback Alarm & Security Services clients have moved under the DBR Projects branding. All the professional services have remained the same high standard as always.

Licensing from 2016 onwards.
All security services carried out under Redback Alarm & Security Services or DBR Projects are done so under the DBR Projects Security license ISL 278527 from 2016 forward.  
Ph: 1300 052 061